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WisConcierge Blog Post

Write what you know…

Everyone is an authority on anything and everything now-a-days. So many bloggers writing endless posts on “How to’s” or simply writing content not to necessarily serve you but instead for click bait. And I stand by this notion, no matter what critics say. Digital marketing is a business, and in this current age, blogs are rarely started because of a passion, but for a profit. I firmly believe this because that’s why I started. I had a passion that I genuinely thought could become profitable. I still think it could be if I shifted to what the masses are doing… but I choose not to. Once I decided (and this happened quite recently) that I solely am focusing on my passion for writing and visual storytelling – removing the pressures of profit and restrictions, things changed. Now, if I were to be approached by someone who shared my beliefs, allowed me control of creative direction, and aligned with my lifestyle, I would consider it. I am not opposed to making money. I am opposed to making profit for profit’s sake. I believe in maximizing value, not dollars. Does that make me bad in business or shrewd when it comes to business?

I believe in writing what you know. I humbly admit that I am by no means a makeup guru, a fashion blogger, or even a full-fledged travel blogger. I know how to apply makeup where I believe I look presentable (no complaints yet lol) and I have an appreciation for fashion and love shopping. I have an insatiable thirst to see the world but I am not an authority on these subjects. All I can own are my experiences and my feelings. My own travels and my own truth. And I believe when content stems from that, it becomes of value to people and of service.

So who am I referencing here? I am talking about the person who is telling versus sharing, who is selling their favorite ride or die product… and the next week is selling another with the same enthusiasm. The detox teas, the products that don’t really align with the brand or who that person is, or the collaborations that seem so clearly scripted, it kind of makes you cringe. How can I place my trust in someone who is behind everything (because they are getting paid for endorsement) and how can I respect someone telling me the “10 ways to be happy” when happiness is defined and found differently by everyone? Do you catch my drift? Do you see where I am going? Surely, you follow or have seen one, two, or twenty of the same type of blogger/influencer/digital marketer in your feed or on your screens… And I truly wonder, how does that make YOU feel?

I respect the hustle. I respect people who do life sincerely. I mean no disrespect to those who have created a business. I admire many bloggers in the industry such as Erin Loechner, Julia Engel, and Chelsea Yamase to name a few who have remained consistent and true from seemingly the very beginning (and these are just a few out of so many people I admire and respect in the digital space). Their words resonate, but so do their actions… they are examples of bloggers, who in my opinion, are doing it right.

I would be curious to hear YOUR thoughts? I welcome differing opinions and appreciate all viewpoints. Leave them in the comments below?

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  1. Jennifer Bierlein on at 11:21 AM

    Maria — your subject line was perfect. “Write what you know…” – I find a lot of articles and bloggers who are fashionable/giving opinions and do things for ‘click bait’ aren’t even true to what their writing. For example, I hear it’s super common for them to post the latest foods at the restaurants, BUT THEY DON’T EVEN EAT IT! Why post something when you don’t even fully enjoy it? You do great work with what you know and truly love. Keep working hard! I love reading your articles 🙂 I mean… do they even wear the makeup they are getting and/or face wash to get rid of the pimples?!?!?! It’s sad when you can’t tell between real and fake. YOU DO YOU! Proud of you.

    • Maria Meier on at 11:41 AM

      Jen, thank you so much!!! I couldn’t agree more! The fact that some people order all of this food ONLY for photos and don’t eat it – what a waste and what false advertising! Surely there is a way to market and advertise by being honest. It may not be the quick money route or the simplest way of doing things, but I know it is doable, and in my opinion, so highly respected. Love ya, and appreciate your sharing your thoughts!