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Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Fair

My First Wisconsin State Fair

Since moving to Wisconsin I have been able to incorporate some fun activities amidst the chaos of trying to move in and live out of boxes… with no furniture mind you. From frozen custard to strolling the streets of the Third Ward in Milwaukee, to exploring some neighboring parks and villages, I have really had a ball becoming acclimated in my new home. I was informed by many that you aren’t a true Wisconsinite if you haven’t been to the Wisconsin State Fair. Well, I wasn’t about to prove them right – so on we went to discover what the fair was all about!

Wisconsin, Wisconsin State FairWisconsin, Wisconsin State Fair

It definitely did not disappoint and was certainly different than any fair I had been to in South Florida. The animal tents were eye-opening for me (holy cow – literally!) and of course, we indulged in only the highest caloric foods while there. As they say, #Yolo. I was absolutely shocked at the setup and line to get a Dairyland cream puff (which if I am to be completely honest, I think my grandma made them better) and as if enough dairy wasn’t consumed, Sazs mozzarella sticks were the cherry on top of our gluttonous expedition. I enjoyed watching everyone’s merriment as we strolled through the grounds, observing all the foods on sticks, the fair rides, and colorful carnie booths! I am looking forward to next year’s event!Wisconsin, Wisconsin State FairWisconsin, Wisconsin State Fair

Tell me, what did I miss? What is the craziest thing you’ve eaten at the state fair? I wasn’t super adventurous this time around, just sampling the staples.


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