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Waukesha, Wisconsin - Moving

Goals for my move to Wisconsin

I am now a permanent fixture of Wisconsin and I could not be more thrilled! I have always embraced change, and acclimating to new places has always come easily. As I am still getting settled (home ownership is no joke), I thought I would share what my goals are as a new resident and a woman aspiring to positively influence the community in which I live, as well as the online community that is formed in this space. I hope to grow this little dream of mine, WisConcierge, into a place where you can find travel inspiration, relate to personal experiences and discover a little bit of magic through my stories, adventures, and photographs. Some people want to own the world, I just want to bring a little more beauty into it.


Do All the Things. Is that too broad? I am one of those people who likes to see a calendar chock full of things to do. The state of Wisconsin has so much to offer… truly people, if you are reading this from a different state or another part of the world, it is a destination that is often overlooked. I want to learn, experience, do, see everything that I can as a resident here. Big goal, that’s apparent. But as of right now, this is my ‘forever’ home, so I guess I have the time!


Create long-standing, deep-rooted relationships. I want to know my neighbors. I want to work with like-minded creatives and businesses. I want to strike friendships with people who dream big and live life fully. I want to cultivate the relationships already established and continually evolve with people who too welcome change, love, whimsy, and happiness into their worlds.


Travel. Wisconsin is perfectly located in the Midwest, surrounded by other great states that I probably would have never visited if I didn’t reside so close. Also, being in the middle of the country is pretty nice when traveling to either the East or West coasts. As much as I plan to travel within this state and uncover all it has to offer, I want to push myself to explore the areas just past the border!


Contribute. This is such a big one for me. I want to give back. I want to be of service to the community. I want to be a helper, a community leader, and leave my mark in all ways, big and small. I was put here for a reason, and I am convinced that my calling is for something so much bigger than I can even imagine. I don’t know how I want to get involved or with whom yet either – I would like to try a variety of things and see what tugs at my heart. And then, do that thing and do it well with a humble and enthusiastic spirit.


Learn. Teach me. I am a perpetual student in life, eager to learn new trades, embody new perspectives, and try new things. I want to feel immense personal growth, experience professional development, build on my current knowledge of certain subjects and acquire comprehension of foreign subjects. Whether this means taking a pottery class or trying my hand at gardening or tackling DIY projects to enhance my home or even simply, just reading new books and learning about the ins and outs of different industries. There is an abundance of things we don’t know, and I am in a stage of life right now where this continual evolution is a high priority.

What are some of your goals? To be honest, some of these goals have always been something I strive for, no matter where I lived. But they seem even more heightened knowing I am setting roots. Feel free to share in the comments below!


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