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Why I am not just a travel blogger anymore…

I fought it for a long while. I didn’t want to be an all-encompassing blog. I wanted to focus merely on travel, mostly pertaining to my home state of Wisconsin. But life happens and travel is a lot easier when you aren’t a new homeowner with a lot of projects and expenses. Tack on the exciting new adventure of motherhood come October, and boy, travel in the near future seems nonexistent. I kid of course, but I am sure you can see where I felt stifled and confused. How do I share my travels and adventures when my biggest adventures currently are in home ownership and motherhood?

On the big green couch (source: Arhaus)

I knew I had to pivot, I needed to make some changes, but I loved what I initially created and held on for as long as I could. I realized segmenting certain interests when it came to Instagram was hindering my growth and causing me more stress – managing two accounts was more than I bargained for – WisConcierge and Haus of Meier- and if I focused on one, the other would unintentionally become neglected. This website has the potential to grow and is bound to evolve as my life does. It is exciting and scary all at once. I fear the risk of oversharing. I fear the loss of interest of those who simply came here because of the content I provided before. But I am excited at the prospect of change and trying something new. I am not the same person I was in high school, or in college, and hell, I am destined to change in the years to come. That’s the beautiful thing about life, you aren’t stuck. We only create these fears and illusions for ourselves. 

With all this said, welcome to my newly rebranded site, with minimal changes, merely enhancements. WisConcierge, a website where you can find inspiration through travel, encouragement through motherhood, motivation through home design, and feel less alone through the personal essays I still plan on sharing. There will be hiccups and inconsistencies I am sure, but nothing in life is perfect. I am excited to see where this goes, and if it all goes to hell, well, at least I can say I tried. But let’s not get dramatic now. I have made navigating the site easy and nothing much has changed other than these additions and updating the about me page. I welcome you to explore and come back often to see what adventures (or misadventures) you relate to most. As always, I appreciate the continued support and in my passion for creation, I continue to pursue connection – so say hello, let me know your thoughts, and let’s connect!

Why do you blog and what type of things do you write about?

Photography: GE Creative LLC