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Two Rivers, Wisconsin - London Dairy Alpacas

Alpaca Wine Tasting at London Dairy Alpaca Ranch

Since I was young I have always been drawn to the unusual. My curiosity knows no bounds, so when it comes to trying new things I am usually the first to volunteer. I was looking at numerous fall events within Wisconsin – apple orchards, pumpkin patches, scenic foliage drives galore – but when I stumbled across wine tasting … with alpacas no less, it didn’t take me long to click purchase. An alpaca ranch with wine?! Mind you, I should have considered the location, but a quick glance at the map and it didn’t appear too far. Well from where I reside (Pewaukee/Waukesha area) the travel time to Two Rivers was 2 hours and some change. It was a hike, but the drive was scenic and enjoyable, and I promise you, the main event was worth it. I feel that I should preface this article by letting you know that the first trip I ever took with my now husband was to Peru. We explored Lima and trekked from Cusco to Machu Picchu. During our travels there, we saw many alpacas and fell in love with the beauty of South America. When I came across this event here in Wisconsin, I knew it would be the perfect date night!Two Rivers, Wisconsin - London Dairy Alpacas

London Dairy Alpaca Ranch offers only two of these wine tasting events a year with one in the summer and one in the fall season. They offer a variety of South American wines from different regions, serve guests catered-in delectable nibbles and bites, support the local community and charities by hosting an auction and raffle, and lastly, open their home and ranch to guests who want to see and learn about their alpacas. There are a variety of alpacas to view as you stroll the property ranging in color and size. Live music is played creating an even sweeter ambiance. It is a very casual event, and they encourage you to dress accordingly – it is a ranch, you are petting alpacas and in the early evening (especially in Fall) it can get quite cold with their location right off the lake. Picnic tables and open seating encourages conversation and we met people from all different parts of Wisconsin who too enjoy trying something a little different.Two Rivers, Wisconsin - London Dairy Alpacas Two Rivers, Wisconsin - London Dairy Alpacas

The property was incredibly well kept, their gift shop had great products that support their mission, and you can tell how much they sincerely love their alpacas. That evening we left with a bottle of our favorite variation of wine (an Argentinian Malbec), lots of photos and great memories!

Two Rivers, Wisconsin - London Dairy Alpacas

You can find out ticket prices and other great details about this event by visiting London Dairy Alpaca Ranch.

And just for fun … some fun facts:

What’s the difference between a llama and an alpaca? Well, there are several!

  1. Ears – alpaca’s ears are short and a llama’s ears are longer and banana-shaped.
  2. Size – alpaca’s are much smaller
  3. Disposition – alpaca’s are considered herd animals and llamas are more independent. Llamas are often used as guard animals for small livestock, including alpaca.

Becky with the good hair… what about that fro?

Alpaca fleece is extremely fine and quite coveted. It is incredibly soft and hypoallergenic – it is absent of lanolin and other oils typically found in fleece. There are also more than 22 natural shades of fleece!

Have you ever been to an Alpaca ranch before? It was my first, and it definitely won’t be my last!


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  1. John Finger on at 7:48 PM

    Hi Maria! Great article on the Wine with Alapcas event! It was nice meeting you and your husband there and we really enjoyed the conversations! Glad I found your site!

    • Maria Meier on at 7:21 PM

      Thank you so much! It was so great meeting you and your wife! Such a fun and different experience. Hope to run into you both again!