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WisConcierge Blog Post

The Present of our Presence

Isn’t it funny how we’ve become slaves to social media, when, for many, choosing this digital career path signified more freedom?

You may not be tethered to a desk or taking direction from a boss, but is the small device in your hand an influence that is pulling you in a direction other than forward? Is it taking more control over you then you realize?

I write this to merely start a conversation and see if others feel the same.

Is your digital presence winning out over your actual presence? The balance may seem elusive, but I believe we have all forgotten that we ARE in control. The digital world keeps moving whether you unplug or not, and so goes for the world beyond the screen – reality. Which one would you rather lose out on? I know my answer.

I realize that digital media has become a viable business. I am writing on a website I have created, utilizing social media as my tools to share, engage, and drive traffic in the hopes of being able to build something bigger than myself. But as much as I understand the “laws” behind having a digital presence, I find it hard to abide by them. Algorithms, numbers, perfectly curated photos…those aren’t driving factors when it comes to my success. They may be contributors to my influence, but something I am not losing sleep over. Am I silly to think I can attain success in an oversaturated space without having those be at the forefront of my mind? After some reflection, I truly don’t think so. Do I think I can make a sustainable business for myself with 2k IG followers with gradual growth and a decent readership in comparison to 2 million followers and a generous readership… yes, I believe I still can. Organic growth and slow reach by sharing significant, quality content is what I value and what I also strongly believe resonates with others.

This is nothing revolutionary. There are numerous studies taking place on how the dominance of digital media is causing adverse effects to our health and in the same breath, the complete opposite with how new opportunities present themselves that can positively impact and change the course of someone’s life for the better. So why do some have poor experiences versus good experiences? I am not an authority by any means, but I do believe that again, balance is always what is lacking and what is incredibly needed. In a world where we want more and more, over-consumption can make us sick with anything we do.

With all this said, I refuse to fall victim to the screen. I am happiest away from the computer, phone in pocket. I choose to use these merely as my tools that drive my business. I much prefer finding my inspiration by getting out and exploring…not the explore page. I can say with strong conviction that I will find accomplishment, and most importantly, fulfillment by doing things my way and staying in my own lane. In a high-speed world, where every direction may appear like the best direction, I am fine with moving slow, as long as the only direction I am moving is up.

Let me know in the comments below if you share similar sentiments with the prevalence of digital media in our lives and how you strike a balance.

Photo credit: GE Creative

WisConcierge Blog Post