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Becoming mom and dad…

We are at week 39 and what a journey this has been. Emotions are running high now with the anticipated arrival of our daughter so near (next week, fingers crossed) and the end of life as we know it. I often stroll through our home, baby stuff sprinkled throughout, and can’t help but start thinking about the future… the day we take our daughter home to a house we have put so much love into, the late nights of nursing and diaper changes, the girl time spent in her beautiful nursery, the scampers we will hear up and down the stairs when she has mastered the art of mobility, the undeniable stains and broken items that are bound to happen (remember: its just stuff), the late night cram sessions at the kitchen table, the parties we (mom and dad) will probably never know about and the memories we will create here as a family. I actually am tearing up just thinking about it all.

But the one thing that still remains to catch my eye is him. My best friend, husband, and soon to be dad. I can’t help but admire the way he puts his family first and takes care of me. No relationship is without struggle – we have been through a lot together over the years, and with each hurdle we cross, we come out stronger. This pregnancy journey has been a joyous one, with the discomforts of pregnancy mostly taking place now in my third trimester (I am currently typing with wrist braces on because…carpal tunnel, oy vey). Despite the happiness and excitement, it’s been equally draining and emotional. I lost my mom last year, so the idea of motherhood without her still weighs heavy on my soul, the decision whether to work or stay at home was a big one, and the fact that my family lives far away had me sad on numerous occasions. Every tear shed, every muscle ache, every worry… I was and continually am leaning into him and I am always met with open arms and the comfort of him by my side. I already know how lucky our daughter is to have him, and the day I see her in his arms, well, I’m pretty sure my heart will explode.

Becoming mom and dad… it doesn’t end when pregnancy does or when we finally meet her. It’s cyclical, continuous… as we will constantly be learning what that really means. These sacred moments will not go unnoticed and this learning curve we are about to experience will definitely test us time and time again. But there is such comfort in knowing we are there to lift each other up. In the midst of uncertainty, the one given is our strength that comes through our love for each other and for this little one we are so excited to meet.

We are ready for you baby girl. Not sorry in advance for all the smothering of kisses and hugs and the crazy amount of photos that will be taken. Part of being a great mom and dad is to embarrass your child just a little, right?

Thanks to the ever talented and patient Gina Emmer of GE Creative who worked around crazy weather, our lack of really knowing what to do in front of the camera and for documenting this momentous chapter of our lives. More photos to come…