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West Palm Beach, Florida - Grandview Public Dining Hall

Grandview Public Market: Food Hall Dining Done Right

I have always leaned into food hall dining. I have experienced only a few – mostly during my travels – but I have found them to be quite exciting. On the contrary, I know many find them to be overwhelming. I can certainly see where people would feel like that; having too many options, the hustle and bustle of people moving in and out of eatery stands, and the concept of open seating where sharing tables with strangers could be off-putting to some. But when you take a step back, you can’t help but see the involvement, engagement, and community that forms in these types of places. The food vendors working diligently to showcase their cuisine, people meandering through the hall pondering what their next meal should be, and strangers becoming friendly acquaintances at picnic-style tables. Food has always had a way of bringing people together and this style of dining is not only proof of this, but a huge proponent of it too!

West Palm Beach, Florida - Grandview Public Dining HallWest Palm Beach, Florida - Grandview Public Dining Hall

This article highlights one of my last stops as a resident of Florida. I traveled the hour or so from Fort Lauderdale to see what all the hype was about surrounding Grandview Public Market. Located in the newly founded Warehouse District of West Palm Beach, it is a 13,000 square foot market showcasing numerous food and beverage vendors. It is open seven days a week and supplies patrons with full menus making sure to cover everything from breakfast to dinner and in-between! When you step inside, you are greeted with a view of perfectly curated food stands serving you options from All- American cuisine to Asian, Polynesian, Mexican, and the list continues! There is something for everyone here. You have the choice of sitting inside the market or dining al fresco in their covered outdoor patio that serves up great vibes with a cool aesthetic and games to play. The day I visited, the Florida heat was in full force, so I opted for something light and refreshing! The Poke Lab Eatery was perfect. I had the O.G. bowl and it was satisfying, beautiful in appearance, and most importantly, fresh! I ended my trip with a quick pitstop at Crema, a unique Thai style of ice cream where they actually roll it! It was good, but I think I enjoyed the show better – you can watch the whole process!West Palm Beach, Florida - Grandview Public Dining HallWest Palm Beach, Florida - Grandview Public Dining HallWest Palm Beach, Florida - Grandview Public Dining Hall

Around the market, within the Warehouse District, you will stumble across some storefronts belonging to artists showcasing their incredible products! It was awesome to see how everyone supported each other’s craft. This area is a must visit in my book if you are looking for a great meal, some unique shopping, and if nothing else, the opportunity to support the local community of innovators, culinary architects, and aspiring artists. The market even offers some pretty rad events such as a farmer’s market, yoga, live music, and trivia just to name a few! There is a lot happening in this vibrant little corner of West Palm Beach, and I would hate for you to miss it!

Tell me, have you been to Grandview Public Market or somewhere similar? What is your take on food hall style dining? And of course, if you have any recommendations, leave them below!