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Palm Beach, Florida - The Flagler Museum

The Flagler Museum: A Palm Beach Gem

Palm Beach is without a doubt known for its wealth and extravagance. Gawk-worthy homes, pristine landscape and beaches, and some of the most expensive shopping can be found right on Worth Avenue. But along with the fortune comes history and lots of it. This paradise has a lot of noteworthy events that made it what it is today. I am focusing on one of them – Henry Flagler’s estate also known as the Flagler Museum, or Whitehall.

Palm Beach, Florida - The Flagler MuseumPalm Beach, Florida - The Flagler Museum

Pulling up to the main drive one cannot help but lift their jaw off the floor. The grandeur of this winter home from merely the outside fuels your curiosity and wonder of what could possibly be found through those doors. And, not surprisingly, each room is equally majestic…from gilded walls, luxurious artwork, fine tapestries and wall coverings, to elaborate furnishings, this was one hell of a home for some snowbirds! Today, Flagler Museum is a national landmark and open to the public. Admission for adults is only $18.00 and that includes audio or guided tours and printed informative brochures. I personally think that’s a great deal, as tours are usually an additional cost.

Palm Beach, Florida - The Flagler Museum

Palm Beach, Florida - The Flagler Museum

You can stroll the property, touring the home and the exterior where you will find beautiful views of the Intracoastal with magnificent and well-manicured palms. You can even tour Henry Flagler’s private railcar (Railcar No.91) which is on exhibit in the Kenan Pavilion, an equally stunning space – an atrium bursting with sunlight and a smooth teal patina frame – located right off the main home.

Palm Beach, Florida - The Flagler Museum Palm Beach, Florida - The Flagler Museum

This is a must-see when visiting the West Palm Beach/Palm Beach area! The website is incredibly informative outlining the history of who Henry Flagler was, how the property was developed, and how it has evolved over the years. They host a multitude of events, serve as a venue, and offer membership as well.

If you ever visited the Flagler Museum, let me know in the comments below and share what your favorite room was! I personally loved the atrium and touring the vintage railcar.