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Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream

My Visit to the Museum of Ice Cream

Do you remember the days when board games were the more prevalent form of entertainment? Or did I just age myself here? My family was not board game people by any means, but I had the classics: Monopoly (disclosure: least favorite), Trouble, Pretty Pretty Princess, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Life, and my utmost favorite … Candy Land. The excitement I had for this game was unrivaled. The colors, the illustrations…it was magic. As a child with an active imagination, the idea of strolling through the gumdrop forest, sloshing through the chocolate swamp, and summiting the ice cream mountains gave me more joy than actually winning the game.

You’re probably thinking, did this girl forget she was writing about the Museum of Ice Cream. Well, lucky for you I haven’t. But if I had to describe what the Museum of Ice Cream feels like, it would be candy land for adults, or avid instagrammers more specifically.

MOIC, better known as the Museum of Ice Cream is essentially a made-for-Instagram museum. I first discovered MOIC on Instagram, and when I heard there would be a location in Miami, I knew I had to see it for myself. My husband graciously agreed to attend and take part in the photo mania that was to ensue. Bless his heart.

But before I share my full experience, I thought I would share some interesting bits of information that many may not know about MOIC. I know I certainly didn’t!

  1. The founder is Maryellis Bunn, a 26-year-old who has an affinity for color and the psychology behind it
  2. MOIC stands for Movement of Imagination and Creativity
  3. The first museum opened in New York City in 2016
  4. The museum is set up as a one-way route up several floors, meaning you are not allowed to go backward
  5. Word on the street is that social media wasn’t the main drive behind the museum, but instead was birthed out of a studied need for people to feel less alone … a gathering place where people could congregate and experience together

{Read here for more insight, it’s worth it: Museum of Ice Cream}

Okay, so what’s the scoop!?

Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream

Upon entering the MOIC, you can’t help but appreciate the attention to detail before even going in. Pretty in pink palm trees grace the entrance, lovingly inviting you inside. The minute you walk through the doors, you are in a sea of pink, millennium pink to be specific. Visitors are greeted by an “ice cream prophet” who can deliver your sweet ice cream reading. The first room is called the Bunns Shake Room. Pink still graces every square foot, but this room has a conveyor belt that sends mini milkshakes to the ice cream bar. You can scoop one (or two, or three) up from the conveyor belt, but only after the barista tops it off with whip. Next stop is the FAN-tastic Room, an ice cream themed dance studio with fans shaped as ice cream cones. Music is blaring in here with a museum guide leading an ice cream inspired dance. The Safari Room was next on the tour and was by far my favorite. Visually enticing, it transported you to a banana jungle. Guests could have a fun photo op on the oversized banana swing and if one chose to wait in line (which of course I did) you could check out the secret Coconut Cave, a small mirrored coconut room that forces you to crawl inside.Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream

The Food Fight Room followed, where visitors can enjoy melted ice cream, served in nostalgic milk cartons similar to those you have for school lunch. All the rooms were great for kids, but the Sand Castle Room and Sweet Sculpture Studio were very interactive. You can play in pink sand to create your own sand castle and also build your own jumbo candy tower. I can’t neglect to mention the candy bar you get to sample as well. Once you’ve made it to the rooftop, your second to last stop is a space called Pop, you can sample locally inspired ice cream flavors, take in the ocean views, and play some outdoor games. The end of your journey brings you to the infamous Sprinkle Pool, equipped with lockers for your belongings and shoes, pink tile, a diving board (no bounce), and a bajillion million plastic sprinkles that fill the average sized pool. The kids go wild for this one, so be quick with the camera – you’ve been warned.

Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream

Needless to say, this can best be described more so as an immersive art experience than an actual museum. But inspiring all the same. As someone who favors the unique, adores color and is a sucker for a fabulous photo op, I would recommend checking it out.

Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream

I think art in any form is successful if it makes you feel something. The smiles of the people I saw going in and out was contagious. It was fun. It was imaginative. It was playful. It brought you back to your childhood, where life-size candy and ice-cream were a thing of dreams … or board games.

Tell me, have you experienced the Museum of Ice Cream? Or have you been to something similar? If so, please share your experience!