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Deerfield Beach, Florida - The Modern Rose Tea Shop

The Modern Rose: A Recipe for Success

A tea shop with a speakeasy feel that is eclectic, vintage-inspired, and charming in design. I would call that a recipe for success! Now, let me begin with a full disclosure… I am typically not a tea drinker, with the exception of those rare occasions when I get sick. But I choose to live by the motto “never say never” and believe in trying anything at least once. The Modern Rose was recommended by a family friend, and it did not disappoint. I am a sucker for thoughtfully curated spaces where the ambiance is equally as great as the food and beverage. Sipping tea (or coffee) amidst vintage trinkets, lush greenery, and tasteful décor elevates your typical coffee/tea house experience.

Deerfield Beach, Florida - The Modern Rose Tea Shop

This little tea shop in Deerfield Beach can be easily missed – it is in The Cove shopping plaza where other favorites like Two Georges is located. I am an advocate of shopping local and supporting the business owners who work so hard to leave their mark on their community. The owner and her daughters are usually at the tea shop providing the utmost customer service and education to those like me who aren’t familiar with tea. My questions I’m sure were quite silly, but they were so helpful and took their time in directing me to the tea that would check all the boxes.

Let me add that coffee is served here (have no fear my fellow cup o’ joe clutchers), but with all the teas and their aromas gracing the shop, I felt compelled to give it a go! Aside from their beverages, they also serve up incredibly delicious vegan food from quiches to pastries. I can’t help but rave over the kale and artichoke turnover!

Deerfield Beach, Florida - The Modern Rose Tea Shop

So if you are interested in tasting some high-quality products or looking for that perfect vintage home decor piece, grab some tea by the sea at The Modern Rose.

Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Does the ambiance or aesthetic of a restaurant/cafe affect your decision to go back? Share in the comments below!


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