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*All photography by Amanda and team at Front Room Photography. I wanted to respect peoples privacy, which is why I didn’t include bridal party, group portraits, and reception portraits.   It’s honestly wild to think we’ve been married for 5 years. A lot has happened since that day. It has been an incredible adventure to have this…

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Becoming mom and dad…

We are at week 39 and what a journey this has been. Emotions are running high now with the anticipated arrival of our daughter so near (next week, fingers crossed) and the end of life as we know it. I often stroll through our home, baby stuff sprinkled throughout, and can’t help but start thinking…

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#HausofMeier: Dining Room

dining room

Black. It is one of my favorite colors (or is it a non-color?!) The mood it sets, the contrast it creates… it just gives me all the feels, okay!? Inspiration Images Upon moving into our home, I knew the minute I laid eyes on our dining room with its bland walls, brass chandelier, white marble…

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#HausofMeier: Home Gym

This room was originally a sitting room off the Orangerie, but quite frankly, we didn’t need another room to sit in. So after some convincing from my husband, we decided to transform the space into a home gym. And I am so happy we did! It is hard enough to get motivated at times, but…

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#HausofMeier: Welcome

HOME DESIGN, WHAT THE ______?! The excitement of no longer renting four walls but owning a home we can call our very own triggers that childlike excitement I possess for all new, exciting life chapters. What may appear to be off–brand to you, feels more so right to me. I have an array of interests, home…

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A Weekend in Bayfield: The Apostle Islands

hammock overlooking lake superior

The Apostle Islands. A holy name for a heavenly place. My first discovery of the Apostle Islands was on Pinterest of all places. Images of the infamous ice caves made an appearance on my search which led me into a deep dive to learning more about this destination. It was at that moment, years before…

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Why I am not just a travel blogger anymore…

I fought it for a long while. I didn’t want to be an all-encompassing blog. I wanted to focus merely on travel, mostly pertaining to my home state of Wisconsin. But life happens and travel is a lot easier when you aren’t a new homeowner with a lot of projects and expenses. Tack on the…

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Wander, Don’t ​Wonder: The Beauty of Collaboration

Hiking the North Kettles

When I dreamt up the idea of this blog, my main goal was to foster community. I wanted to immerse myself in my new home state, meet other people who shared similar passions and share my journey and discoveries with others beyond the screen. Since moving, it has been a whirlwind. We are new homeowners,…

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The Present of our Presence

WisConcierge Blog Post

Isn’t it funny how we’ve become slaves to social media, when, for many, choosing this digital career path signified more freedom? You may not be tethered to a desk or taking direction from a boss, but is the small device in your hand an influence that is pulling you in a direction other than forward?…

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The Elegant Farmer: A Visit to the Orchard

Mukwanago, Wisconsin, The Elegant Farmer Apple Orchard

This past weekend we finally made it to The Elegant Farmer, an apple orchard and market located in Mukwonago, Wisconsin – not too far from where we live. Our weather has been rainy the past couple of weeks and the orchard was too soggy to go apple picking. So when we saw clear skies and…

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