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#HausofMeier: Baby Girls Nursery

This post has been a long time coming. I left off here 9 months pregnant and ready to pop. Well, Siena Noelle finally made her debut (5 days late) and our lives have never been the same since. Motherhood has been the most rewarding, most challenging journey and job to date, but we are truly…

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#HausofMeier: Dining Room

dining room

Black. It is one of my favorite colors (or is it a non-color?!) The mood it sets, the contrast it creates… it just gives me all the feels, okay!? Inspiration Images Upon moving into our home, I knew the minute I laid eyes on our dining room with its bland walls, brass chandelier, white marble…

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#HausofMeier: Home Gym

This room was originally a sitting room off the Orangerie, but quite frankly, we didn’t need another room to sit in. So after some convincing from my husband, we decided to transform the space into a home gym. And I am so happy we did! It is hard enough to get motivated at times, but…

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#HausofMeier: Welcome

HOME DESIGN, WHAT THE ______?! The excitement of no longer renting four walls but owning a home we can call our very own triggers that childlike excitement I possess for all new, exciting life chapters. What may appear to be off–brand to you, feels more so right to me. I have an array of interests, home…

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