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Grandview Public Market: Food Hall Dining Done Right

West Palm Beach, Florida - Grandview Public Dining Hall

I have always leaned into food hall dining. I have experienced only a few – mostly during my travels – but I have found them to be quite exciting. On the contrary, I know many find them to be overwhelming. I can certainly see where people would feel like that; having too many options, the…

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The Flagler Museum: A Palm Beach Gem

Palm Beach, Florida - The Flagler Museum

Palm Beach is without a doubt known for its wealth and extravagance. Gawk-worthy homes, pristine landscape and beaches, and some of the most expensive shopping can be found right on Worth Avenue. But along with the fortune comes history and lots of it. This paradise has a lot of noteworthy events that made it what…

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The Modern Rose: A Recipe for Success

Deerfield Beach, Florida - The Modern Rose Tea Shop

A tea shop with a speakeasy feel that is eclectic, vintage-inspired, and charming in design. I would call that a recipe for success! Now, let me begin with a full disclosure… I am typically not a tea drinker, with the exception of those rare occasions when I get sick. But I choose to live by…

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Brain Cancer Awareness Month: Gray in May

Florida, Festival Flea Market, Brain Cancer Awareness Month

Boobs or brains? We are all familiar with breast cancer. We know the powerful slogans, we purchase the pink swag and it’s clear what a huge community there is for support through fundraising from walks, galas, and celebrity advocacy. And I truly think that is incredible. But folks, not all cancer is pink.My mom has…

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Happy Valentines Day – 2018 Edition

Fort Lauderdale, Florida- Happy Valentine's Day

I am in love with more than just a person. I’m in love with this maddeningly beautiful life. Every happy moment balanced by every sad one. The friends that are family and the strangers that become friends. The sights we see and the sights we feel. The breath that fills my lungs and the connections…

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West Coast Trip Part II: The Ringling Museum

Sarasota, Florida at The Ringling Museum

We started our trip to Florida’s West Coast in Fort Myers and then headed to Sarasota. Allow me to preface this post by saying how much this part of the trip meant to me at the time and still to this day. My mother the week prior was given her bleak prognosis from her medical…

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West Coast Trip Part I: Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Ford Edison Winter Estate, Fort Myers, Florida

Back in January, my husband and I drove to the West Coast of Florida to explore some areas we had on our Florida bucket list. Fort Myers was the first stop on the itinerary, and we specifically wanted to see the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. We had heard from friends and family how pretty…

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My Visit to the Museum of Ice Cream

Miami Beach, Florida - The Museum of Ice Cream

Do you remember the days when board games were the more prevalent form of entertainment? Or did I just age myself here? My family was not board game people by any means, but I had the classics: Monopoly (disclosure: least favorite), Trouble, Pretty Pretty Princess, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, Life, and my utmost favorite ……

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Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

South Florida, Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

An admired treasure of a place in South Florida, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens will leave you enlightened, inspired, and Zen. I have always admired Japanese design. Quite randomly in fact, my traditional Italian home had a good amount of Japanese pieces sprinkled throughout – my mom and grandmother both shared the same love for…

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