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*All photography by Amanda and team at Front Room Photography. I wanted to respect peoples privacy, which is why I didn’t include bridal party, group portraits, and reception portraits.


It’s honestly wild to think we’ve been married for 5 years. A lot has happened since that day. It has been an incredible adventure to have this tall glass’a watta (Boston accent recommended) by my side through all the ups and downs life has thrown at us. Seeing him recently become a dad has only made my love for him deepen. Siena is so very lucky. If I can wish for anything, I hope we always continue laughing, teasing each other, and being each others best friend. Ultimately, we will be dating each other till we are gray and wrinkly. Thats the goal!



5 years down and forever to go. We certainly aren’t celebrating the way I had envisioned with quarantine in place, but there is no one else I’d rather be stuck with at home. We like to gift each other items/experiences based on the year (ie: year one is paper, year two is china, etc.). Five years of marriage = wood. If the weather permits, a hike in the woods and a picnic sounds like a fun take on the theme! Also, just for fun, I decided to share 5 wedding day details and answer 5 questions below, enjoy!


Wedding Day Details

  • Location: Milwaukee, WI
  • Evan and I were living in Michigan at the time. So we planned the wedding long distance – luckily we could make the road trip, and didn’t need to always book a flight. We used Janelle from Evenement to help with the planning!
  • Our bridal party was all family which was very special to us to have all of our siblings standing by our side.
  • Dress: I was the third generation to wear this gown. My grandmother designed and wore it, followed by my mother, and then me! It was incredibly special and sentimental, and hope to pass it on to my daughter(s) someday, if they show interest in wearing it.
  • Our wedding night ended with us ordering an extra large pizza (we were famished) at the wee hours of the morning and finishing it ALL in bed, while reliving the nights festivities.

5 Questions for 5 Years

1. What does he/she do for you that makes you feel loved?

Just this morning, I was downstairs with Siena brewing coffee and I got a text from Evan who was upstairs getting ready for work. He texted me to look out the back window at the cardinals. And that’s what makes me feel loved. Not that he points out animals that make me feel some type of way (cardinals remind me of my mother) but the simple fact that he was thinking of me and knew something even as small as this would put a smile on my face. Its the little things… when I don’t think he had been listening to something I had mentioned or didn’t see something I had shown him… and then a day, a week, a month later it will come up, and it makes me feel valued and heard and seen. And that’s all anyone really wants, right?

2. You’ve been married for 5 years, but together for 10 years. What still manages to surprise you?

This is a hard one. We are pretty in tune with each other. But parenthood is a brand new chapter for us both, and seeing him as a father has been equally amazing and surprising. Every day is different with a child, and seeing how he loves her, feeds her, holds her, plays with her, the list goes on … has been fun to witness. He does things differently than me, and I love that Siena and Evan have their own routines and activities that they do together. They have such a special relationship. I’m not surprised he is a great father – I always knew he would be – but the daily observations of him in this new role have held little surprises. We are seeing each other in a new light and growing together as not only husband and wife, but mom and dad.

3. What is your fondest memory together (excluding Siena’s birth and your wedding day)?

When we first started dating I was living in Chicago and Evan was living in Milwaukee. So every weekend would be so exciting because we would get to see each other. Whether I went to see him or vice versa, one thing we always did was have a picnic. We would head to Potbelly’s (when in CHI) or any grab and go place (when in WI), have a blanket on hand with a bottle of wine and spend the afternoon in the summer sun on the lakeshore or in a park and eat and talk for hours. We were in our young twenties, pursuing a long distance relationship, with a future that at the time was very uncertain…but we squeezed every minute out of the time we could spend together and made every weekend an adventure. It was exciting, romantic, and filled with lots of laughs and smiles. I am smiling now just thinking about those days.

4. What is one way you most differ from the other?

This was actually the easiest one to answer! HA! Mostly because the others required a little more thought and heart. Evan and I are very similar when it comes to the fundamentals. We have always shared the same morals and values. But we differ greatly in decision making/taking action. I have always been a more impulsive person – sometimes its a strength, sometimes its a weakness. Evan likes to dedicate a lot of thought before reacting – again, a strength and a weakness. Somehow we balance each other without too much bickering.

5. How has Siena changed your relationship as a couple? 

Parenthood still feels very fresh. We are only 6 months in and some days I feel like we are just winging it, so this answer could easily change after doing this mom and dad thing for a full year. As of now, I would say that we respect and prioritize each others time. Every day we have a quick discussion about what the game plan is, who wants to work out when, who can do dinner while x-person works out, etc. We were a team before but we have only gotten stronger. Now, I am in no way implying this is easy or painless. We are still actively working on better communication, what each other needs to feel less stressed, and some days are just plain old bad days. We sometimes miss the mark, but we are quick to brush it off (Evan is quick to move on. I’m Italian, so it takes me a little longer – it’s in my blood). In summary, I don’t think Siena has changed our relationship per say, but our relationship has certainly evolved since she’s made her debut.